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• Our services is only for healthy men over 21. No women and couples, sorry.

• Our service is sensual, NOT SEXUAL.We would like to ask everyone to note that this is an erotic service during which the masseuse only uses her hands and does not provide any extra services, not even with protection.

• No kisses, sorry

 The masseuse welcomes the delicate, gentle touches, which help to establish a relationship between her and the guest, but touch her most intimate part is not allowed, especially if you have already touched yourself below.

 In our salon, hygiene is of utmost importance, not only for the masseuse safety but also for the safety of our guests, so we ask everyone to show up clean and well-groomed.Of course there’s option of a refreshing, warm shower before and after the massage too.

 Please only visit us in a sober state. It is forbidden to consume alcohol, weed, drugs, or any other mind-altering substance in the salon.

 Please avoid rude behavior and respect the masseuse’s safety and boundaries.

 If the above rules are not respected, the masseuse has the right to end the session with immediate effect.

Thank you for your understanding and for reading our policy.

We look forward to welcoming you and wish you a very pleasant time in our salon